Toy Poodles
We Specialize in Rare Colors


Jr is proud to be the sire of Amity Kennels best Toy effort: Can Int Ch Amity's Babbling Brooke.


Amity has been breeding and showing toy poodles since 1974. Although we do occasionally have black or cream most of our babies are brown, cafe, blue, silver, and silver beige. Companion puppies are available on a spay/neuter contract with a Lifetime health and temperament guarantee. All parents are tested and must pass - most are Champions. All toy babies must be 2# before leaving or a minimum of 10 weeks to that each has had 2 shots, well baby exam, several fecal checks, and are micro-chipped. Each leaves us with their own crate.  Our "kids" are home raised.  Shipping is available.


We proudly offer:

paw Cream boys, DOB 8-4-14 sired by Boo.

paw Brooke is expecting babies late August sired by Boo.

paw Please contact us for adult Champions looking for homes as several breeder friends have both toys and minis available.



The Three True Varieties of Poodles

There are three varieties of Poodles: Toy, Miniature and Standard.  Terms such as "Royal Standard." "Tea Cup Toy," or "Tiny Toy Poodle" are marketing gimmicks, used to promote the sale of animals that are dramatically over or under the norm in size.

At Amity, we breed Toy Poodles: the Toy is the smallest variety and should be no larger than 10" high at the shoulder.  This size is particularly well-suited to apartment life or as a traveling companion for retired people.

Amity also breeds Miniature Poodles: the Miniature is a medium- sized animal standing between 10" and 15" high at the shoulder.  This variety is a sturdy compromise between the Toy and the Standard, suitable for both apartment life or the hardy lifestyle of a family with children.

I have many friends that breed Standard Poodles: the Standard is the largest of the three varieties, with no upper height limit.  Standards typically mature to a height of 21" to 27" at the shoulder, and females are usually a little smaller than males.  being a larger, more substantial animal, the Standard usually needs more room for exercise than the other two varieties. 

Show/Breeding Quality Puppy Versus Pet/Companion Quality Puppy

A show quality puppy is one which, in the breeder's opinion, should be able to become a champion.  A pet quality puppy is less likely, in the breeder's estimation, to succeed in the show ring.  However, making such a prediction at 8 1/2 weeks to 4 months of age involves a lot of breed knowledge and some guesswork.

A "pet/companion quality" puppy is one that has a disqualifying or major "fault" under AKC rules and/or the standard for the breed, such as being smaller or larger than the limits for its variety (Toy or Miniature).  However, if a "pet/companion quality? Poodle puppy meets the standard of the breed for temperament, such a "fault" in no way affect's the puppy's ability to be a wonderful companion or its eligibility to enter AKC Companion Events, such as Agility or Obedience Trials.


These are photos of Amity's sires of our puppies.  The dams are also Champions and all have had genetic testing.  Photos of dams & puppies can be emailed to you. Please send requests to

Tapper   Junior  
Blue   Blue  
Tapper 10" tall
Doesn't bark at all
Always the "Star"
8-1994 to 11-2006
Amity's Toys
follow his footsteps
Jr. Mama's little man
Finished with 3 majors
in US and 3 group
placements in Canada
Boo     Donney  
Blue   Silver Beige  
Boo Mr. Serious
Born Blue
Coming out soon for
his US majors
Donney thumb Finished with 4 majors in 6 consecutive shows in Us never being beaten by another male. In Can he finished in 4 shows going BOV each time. Donney has gone to live with Marie Hedeman at Ash’s-Mystical poodles in Pahrump, NV 775-727-1115.


paw Our toy and miniature poodle puppies are home raised out of Champion parents with all genetic testing done.  Puppies show by appointment only.  Please phone for our booklet.  218.525.1289


Amity's has toy and miniature poodle puppies of different colors.